Lynn Carden is an Ohio-based painter who has been painting for 50 years.  She is known for her lush botanicals and wildlife paintings. Represented by B. Deemer.

News from the Artist

No more botanicals for a while; I’m making paintings of birds’ eggs instead. Why? Because they are absolutely beautiful and almost nobody has seen them. I’m not referring to the ones you find in your back yard, but eggs belonging to birds who live all over the world.


Inevitably, I had to add a few birds. So in they came. How could I dare enter the field of Audubon and the likes? No, I made them contemporary…much as I had my flowers. Big, of course, and from the neck up (rather than full body). Much to my surprise, I discovered that the birds took on human-­like personalities.


It’s been fun. And now they are getting ready for their debut on April 21 at Company on eastern, a state­-of-the-art new gallery in Cincinnati.