Lynn Carden is an Ohio-based painter who has been painting for 50 years.  She is known for her lush botanicals. Represented by B. Deemer and Park View Gallery, Lynn Carden has also started to sell prints online.

News from the Artist

In October I launched my first art workshops. Until now I have devoted all my energies to being a studio painter, but with 50 years of painting experience under my belt, it suddenly seems right and natural for me to begin to teach. Held in Park View Gallery (which was hosting my Sunflower show), the first two workshops were an exploration of the pleasure and importance of drawing.


Now students will be coming to my studio where examples, reference materials and supplies are close at hand. With light flowing in, the students stand at easels and draw from a still life set-up. In good weather we go outdoors to draw from nature. Next year I expect to add classes in color and painting. For more information, please contact me at .


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